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Program Curriculum

The program is designed to cover all important aspects of modern laboratory analysis, whilst offering maximum flexibility for students to adapt the program to their own needs. For those seeking more practical hands-on experience, up to 9 credits of laboratory work, including a research project, can be taken.

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Core Courses: (15 credits)

CHMS 5010
Chemical Data Analysis
CHMS 5020
Elemental Analysis
CHMS 5030
Molecular Analysis
CHMS 5040
Separation Methods
CHMS 5050
Optical and Electrical Methods
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Elective Courses: (6-12 credits)

CHMS 5110
Environmental and Food Analysis*
CHMS 5111
Environmental Analysis*
CHMS 5112
Food and Drug Analysis*
CHMS 5120
Macromolecular Analysis
CHMS 5130
Materials Analysis
CHMS 5140
Laboratory Management
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*Not all elective courses are offered every year. A list of electives offered in a particular year will be announced at the beginning of each intake.

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Experimental /Practical Courses: (3-9 credits)

CHMS 5201
Analytical Instrumentation Laboratory I
CHMS 5202
Analytical Instrumentation Laboratory II
CHMS 6980
Analytical Research Project
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Courses offering

There are a wide range of other courses offered at Masters level in other taught MSc programs in related disciplines within our university, such as Biotechnology and Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering. These may be substituted and used for credits towards the requirement of the MSc in Analytical Chemistry upon the approval from the appropriate course instructors and the Program Director.

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